Smell Like a Professional with Limited’s New Scent

Smell Like a Professional with Limited’s New Scent

Fast Innovations has recently launched a new fragrance for major retail brand The Limited.

The Limited’s new scent is clean, smart and professional. It adds the finishing touch to your style without detracting from your impact. The Limited’s Unlimited completes any perfumista’s wardrobe with this classically feminine and effortlessly sophisticated perfume. It’s a great fragrance for anyone just starting to build a fragrance wardrobe, but is olfactively substantial enough to become a perfect addition.

This modern fragrance is best described as fresh, clean with a underlying touch of sexiness. The aquatic notes add a sharp crisp to the perfume, making it a lush, but not overwhelming, perfect for the office but provocative enough for your date after work.

Top notes: Crisp citrus waters of dewberry, red ruby grapefruit, blood orange

Middle notes: A lingering tonic of waterfalls and the reassuring smells of blonde woods. Intriguingly, hints of jasmine and dewy peony enter the picture.

Dry: Mist-drenched flower petals and the smells of the forest after an afternoon rain.

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