My BEST perfume

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume! Its the best smelling thing in the WHOLE world!!! I really recommend it to every one! I <3 <3 <3 this blue perfume!!!!!!!!
Posted by arrirox123, Massachusetts, MA


THIS IS THE BEST PERFUME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I L-O-V-E this perfume. It smells like cotton candy! I would recommend this to everyone who loves to shop at justice online and in the store! thank you justice!
Posted by justicerocks789, Parkland, FL


this smells so yummy i am saving most of it for spring and when you mix it with the pink it smells SOO good and it is 2 x the long lasting. this is a must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by cutiecutieandverysnooty, NC

such a sweet smell!

this was one of the things on my christmas wish list and i was so happy i got this! it smells sweet like spring flowers and i think it’s awesome. the only bad thing is that it’s so small. on the picture they make it look pretty big but, it’s only about 3 and a half inches tall. overall, i really like it.
Posted by RollTide97, Kansas

Blue perfume

This perfume smells really good. I bought a small bottle of it and i really love it! I wear it all the time, almosteveryday. Posted by PugHugs, Texas


This product is AMAZiNG!! I got the deluxe set (lotion, perfume, body spray, etc.) for christmas last year and I am all out and I am going to get more. This is the best smell I have ever smelled in my entire life! NO LiE. This is amazing and smells so good I think I could eat it!! ALL my friends are always jealous (lol) of it and they always ask to borrow it and every time they come over they use it! It lasts a long time and is not too strong; it is perfect. Everyone (even my mom) loves the smell of it! IT’S ALMOST HYPNOTIZING. Plus, you never get sick of the smell, no matter how long you use it, the smell is always delicious! I would highly recommend this product to anyone and I am even considering buying this perfume as a gift or a friend or two!! I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT!
Posted by CupcakePuppy, IL