“Awesome!!! <3”

i got this 4 my birthday from my aunt and uncle. I luv it! <3 i use it everyday! I wood recommend this 2 every1 I know! its smells so good!!!

Posted by TruFriendsAreBFFs, Tucson, AZ

“Best fragrance ever”

This smelled so good. I love it. Sunshine in a bottle. My daughter loved it.

Posted by Justicegirl88, Marietta, GA

“Smells awesome”

hi i got this perfume in my easter basket along with the justice pink perfume. this yellow perfume smells amazing it had a really nice scent! if you are deciding whether u should buy it or not … DEFINTELY BUY IT

Posted by Lillillillillilliannnna


I got this for Christmas and it smells AMAZING!! i would give it a one hundred if i could!

Posted by liltexan, Texas

“Smells really good”

Smells really good, like daisies and the best things in life like yellow roses or whipped cream, YUM! 🙂

Posted by bubbleblower

“Smells Dilcious!”

This is a WONDERFUL smell that I would recommend to everyne who likes light, airy, flowery smells. I love this because it is a good size bottle, it is the most wonderful smell I’ve every smelled, and because it suits my personality. I love a perfume that isn’t too strong, and it doesn’t smell just like alcohol. It lasts all day. Only one spritz in the morning, and your good! I can even smell it in the next morning after I put it on. I think this is the best Justice perfume so far.

Posted by celinedion04, Apple Valley, CA