I got this for Christmas about 2 years ago and I adore it.
Posted by annluvscookiez, New York, NY


i’ve used this product again and again and it’s just amazon!! i lug lug LUV!! justice! the have everything a girls wants! this perfume is amazing. it smells soooo good! i totally recommend this so everyone. i’m all out of it right now i actually smell it!!!! it’s amazon u have got to buy this!!!! but u only need 1 or 2 squirts on one wrist then rub both wrists 2gether b/c its strong and lasts all day!!!! this is an amazing product!!! i have also had this from a few years back!
Posted by lightbulb629

Best perfume ever

I love this perfume and it smells amazing i am planning to get the yellow one too the smell lasts all day even after i get out of a chlorine filled pool i can still smell a little scent of it
Posted by shoppingrox28, Naperville, IL

LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the blue kind a week ago and absolutely love it!! it is the best brand of perfume ever!!!! i put on 2 squirts and it lasted the whole day!! once i even put held the bottle the wrong way by accident, and it worked as air freshener, too!! i do not recommend using it as air freshener though. all in all, it was the BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!
Posted by Cupcake143, Rodney, MI

Good Buy!

I love this perfume so much! my aunt bought it for me awhile back and I use it every single day and it really does last all day. it has a nice and fruity smell to it! the only bad thing is: it is very strong!!!
Posted by Pie4Ever, Texas

Long-lasting and smells delicious

I just sprayed this on two times and it will last you for the whole day. It has a fruity smell. LOVE IT.
Posted by ILovejustice1235484122