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About UsSuccess is our business.

Success is our business.

Fast Innovations is a global product development firm with manufacturing capabilities whose clients are some of the largest, most successful retail and consumer packaged goods companies in the world. Fast Innovations creates new strategies and products that improve economic performance. Results are proven, definite and quick.

Fast Innovations has a single mission – to provide creative business solutions that increase the operating performance of our clients. To accomplish our mission we have assembled notable resources including exceptional capabilities for advanced retail branding, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, advertising, and sales.

We are leaders in sales, advanced business planners, and marketing innovators who stay on the cutting edge of consumer research projects in order to utilize the newest and most innovative technologies. We create new business strategies and products that improve the economic performance of our clients, quickly. Our strategies have proven to have long-lasting results.

Our expertise is implementation – making our client’s plan work in the marketplace where it counts. We have assisted in implementing the business plans for many of the world’s most successful manufacturers and retailers. Consistently, our efforts have translated into measurable gains in our client’s revenue and profit.

Fast Innovations Benefits:

We specialize in innovation
To date, we have conceived, developed, sourced, and launched more than 500 innovative new business and consumer products

Get in, get out quickly
Lead time – 4 weeks or less

Response as fast as 48 hours

Reduces financial risk
Adherence to established QA standards and regulatory requirements

Quality checks built-in at each production phase


Sheer convenience
Any fragrance – Filling, gift set assembly, packing, corrections

We do it fast and take supply chain headaches off your hands

Skilled artisan assembly with attention to detail
Equipment and staffing designed to accommodate any volume 100% first pass quality

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